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European Creative Camp 017

Cover Brochure. White background. Handwritten title in blue over whole cover. Double Page. Left: Blue inside of cover. Large outline font at top. Right: Blank page with small logo. Double page. Left: Blank page. Right: Block of text in various font sizes. Double page. Loose grid of small photos showing motion sequence. Handwritten text inbetween. Double page. Left: Handwritten text. Right: Drawing of sailing boat in upper half. Below handwritten text. Double page. Illustration of city over 2 pages. Collage of drawing and cutted photos. Double page. Left: Handdrawn and -written diagram. Right: Collage with photos of money and cartridges mixed with politicians from east and west. Double page. Left: Handmade collage with photos of books. Partly overdrawn and the word future written all over. Right: Cropped detail of left page. Back brochure. White background. Names in a blue font over whole area.

A small-format publication with great ambitions. Young Europeans present their visions and perspectives on the future of Europe.

Eine klein­formatige Publikation mit großen Ambitionen. Junge Europäer zeigen ihre Visionen und Perspek­tiven zur Zukunft Europas.

Design: Gerald Baumgartner

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