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Dr. Irene Übelhör

Several images side by side. Starting with 4 figurative illustrations turning into more graphical and abstract forms with each image.
Identity – different development stages
Folder and business card. 4 graphical images on top. Block of text underneath. Double page folder. Left: Blank page with small portrait photo in upper half. Right: 1 graphical image on top. Headline and block of text underneath.
Business card, Folder
Desktop and mobile browser window with screenshot of home.

A wholistic approach on health care and prevention requires an appropriate new visual appearance. The diversity of her methods have to be recognized.

Ein gesamt­heitlicher Blick auf Gesund­heit und Vorsorge erforderte eine entsprechend neue visuelle Erscheinung. Die Viel­fältigkeit ihrer Methoden musste lesbar in die Umsetzung einfließen.

Concept, design: Manfred Veigl
Webdesign, code: Gerald Baumgartner

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