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Cover CD. Full-page photo. Distance shot of 2 man standing in between 2 light poles on an abandoned tennis court. Title is set in thin condensed font in upper part. Opened CD scleeve. Left: Different shot of abandoned tennis court. Right: CD printed with detail-shot of red old tennis floor. Title and songtitles overlayed. Back CD. Full-page photo. Different shot of 2 man standing on the tennis court. Songtitles and credits overlayed.
RaaDie (Christof Dienz & Lorenz Raab) / Vast Potential

A cover design with a slightly touch of 70ies jazz vinyls.

Ein Coverdesign angelehnt an Jazz-Platten der 70er Jahre.

Design: Manfred Veigl
Photos: Gebhard Sengmüller

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