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Cover booklet. Large Title in center. In background 3 vertical colour bars with partly blurry edges from top to bottom. Double Page. Left: Block of text. B/W photo underneath. Right: Full-page B/W photo. Double Page. Double Page. Left: Headline and block of text. Right: Block of text. Double Page. Double Page. Left: Full-page B/W photo. Right: Full-page B/W photo. White space on top. Double Page. Light b/w in the background. Block of bold text overlayed on left page. White space at bottom. Back Booklet. Upside down Cover. Large Title in center. Background one tone colour with noise filter.

Programme booklet for the Akademietheater Vienna

Programmheft für das Akademie­theater

Concept, Design: Manfred Veigl, Georg Wagenhuber

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