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Cospure Costume Play

whitize! Obedience without a cause. Stray cat. Time of the gypsy. Affair of being innocent. Miss Nowhere. Sigmund's daughter. Rebel without a cause. Image of my Licca Doll. Pandora's Box.
Snow white. Tomorrow never comes. No Vicotry, no home. Girls Lane. Greetings to god. Wiener Rose. My cousin. Blue Mannequin. Fuck it. Flight of Jay. Dream, Dream, Dream. Desperate rides again. Constructivist Puppet. France Caramel. Fuck it 2. Lost Canary. Belle de Jour. Neurotic Dirndl. August's room.

This artproject was inspired by the japanese “Costume Play” culture. For this story the austrian “Dirndl” was the topic.

Dieses freie Kunst­projekt inspirierte sich am japanischem „Costume Play“ und hatte als Ausgangs­punkt das öster­reichische Dirndl.

Concept & Styling: Mana Furuyama
Makeup & Hairstyling: Stephanie Rees
Fotos: Manfred Veigl
Models: Almut, Sandra, Karin, Marie, Christiane, Sanna

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