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The Shoemaker's Holiday

Bunch of coloured leather swatches. Top one punched with Logo. Teddybear wearing leather apron punched with logo.
Front view of carton box with lid. Logo printed on side of box.
Desktop and mobile browser window with screenshot of home.

What does a shoemaker in Tokyo do in his free time? He creates a friend for himself – the teddy bear Crispin. Will he also talk like Pinocchio?

Was macht ein Schuh­macher in Tokyo in seiner Freizeit? Er erschafft sich einen Freund – den Teddybär Crispin. Ob er auch sprechen kann wie Pinocchio?

Concept, design: Manfred Veigl
Webdesign, code: Gerald Baumgartner
Animation: Mana Furuyama, Manfred Veigl

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