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Cover catalogue. Large title on flash green background. List of names on white space at bottom. Double page. Large photo on eahc page. Left: Title in between on white space. Right: Block of small text at bottom. Double page. One photo in upper half on each page. Below blocks of text. Double page. Title on white background stretches over 2 pages. As well as row of photos at bottom of page. Blocks of text inbetween. Double page. Row of photos at bottom of page stretches over 2 pages. Blocks of text above. Double page. Left: Title on top and blocks of text below. Small photo at bottom. Right: Large photo at top. 2 small photos at bottoom. Double page. Left: Title on top. Small photo beside on the left. Blocks of text and 2 smaller photos below. Right: Large photo on upper half. 3 small photos at bottom. Double page. Left: Small photos in a row on top. Larger photo below. Blocks of text at bottom. Right: Grid of newspaper clippings. Double page. Left: Large photo and block of text underneath. Right: Large photo and small photo underneath.

Presenting contemporary art in a narrative way.

Ein erzähler­isches Zeigen von zeitgenös­sischer Kunst.

Design: Manfred Veigl

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