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Catalog and flyer below. Brown background. Logo in script font combined with graphical element. Titles in stencil font on flash coloured stripes stretching over entire cover/flyer. Double page. Left: Blank black page with line of small red text in middle. Right: Blank white page with title and small photo on top. Block of small text underneath. Double page. 2 more pages unfolded from right page. Simple sectional drawing stretching over all 4 pages. Overlayed by lines of small text running from left to right. Double page. 2 more pages unfolded from right page. 1 on left: Blank white page with small title. 2 in center: Large b/w illustration of cuboid on black background. 1 on right: 3 coloured bars among each other over whole page.

Remarkable interventions to recover dead shopping-­streets with the help of art and architecture.

„Operationen an der offenen Strasse“ - auf­fällige Eingriffe zur Gesundung kranker Einkaufs­strassen mit Hilfe von Kunst und Architektur.

Concept, design: Manfred Veigl

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